How to Get traffic on your blog

 Whenever a new blogger starts his blog, this post searches for exactly what he does on his blog that a lot of traffic is coming to his blog as soon as possible. Traffic is very important to everyone and everyone knows this. Blogs without traffic can never be successful.

When you plan to start a blog, at that time you should understand that after starting a blog, what will I do that I get good traffic from google and all the other search engines, and that too quickly. There are a lot of things to increase traffic on your blog.

How old is your blog, how much content is on your blog.

  • Whether you have a keyword in your domain name.
  • How unmatched your blog content is
  • All your posts are seo friendly.
  • Whether your blog has been submitted to all search engines.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other things that are important in bringing good traffic to your blog. Today we will also talk about some topics that will help you increase traffic on your blog.

Submit Your Blog to All Search Engine

Till now we have created our blog! You wrote a very good post which is never written by anyone else. But you did not submitted or informed to google and the rest of the search engine about that I have a site on the internet that you add to your search engine! resulting post will not be updated on any search engine.

So After creating your blog, Submit sitemap to all the search engines, so that blog also gets traffic from google and other search engines.

But how do you Submit Sitemap to google?

you have to create sitemap.xml to submit google and other search engines, so that search engines can index your all the articles and you will get organic traffic.

Make a comment on another blog / websites

You must have heard the name of the backlink. Most people who blog on themselves only comment on someone else's blog when they either have to rank the blog or have a special post which they want to get rank. Those people directly link a url to that post in their comments that they benefit.

The benefit of commenting on other website and blogs is your blog will get backlink and by that backlink your blog will get traffic.

Try to comment and create link in the forums which are related to your niche, so that more traffic will be diverted to your blog reason people visit those forums to find the solution and same will help to your blog.

Take the Support of Social Media

I have always had two opinions on this point and on my social media, no blogger agree that even using social media can increase the traffic of the blog and there is no harm in it. 

As far as I am concerned, I have never suffered as blogger from social media and my traffic has always been increased so I always say that using social media can increase the traffic of the blog and there is no tour But many big bloggers believe that sharing your blog link on social media makes your blog spam, so that google does not help in getting it rank but this is wrong.

When I started blogging, I had a complete traffic of up to 5 months of complete traffic. Social traffic was the number of visitors who came there from sites like Facebook and Twitter, I did not get the traffic from Google at that time, but like Just like the blog went wild, traffic came and people started learning about my blog 

when I started using social media.e has reduced it and it is not that today I do not promote my blog on social media! Even now, if I want to get traffic on my blog quickly, then share it on social media and use the most facebook, so that traffic will increase fast.


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